Version: 3.5.0
weewx Documentation
Quick start guide for Debian (Ubuntu, Mint)
If you use a Debian-based system, such as Ubuntu or Mint, then you may want to follow the Quick Start guide. This will do a basic install to get you started, which you can then refine. Otherwise, follow the directions in the User's Guide.
User's Guide
Contains complete details about how to install, configure, and run weewx. Includes instructions for migrating from wview, integrating weewx with a web server, uploading to various weather services, and troubleshooting. This is the definitive guide to using weewx.
Customization Guide
Describes how to modify reports through configuration options as well and templates. Explains how to create and customize skins. Also includes more advanced topics such as creating custom generators and services, customizing the internal engine, and creating drivers for new weather station types.
Upgrade Guide
Instructions for upgrading from previous versions of weewx.
Change Log
List of the changes in each release.