weeWX: Installation on Redhat-based systems

This is a guide to installing weeWX from an RPM package on systems such as Redhat, CentOS or Fedora.


Download the Redhat RPM package from weewx.com/downloads. It will have a name similar to weewx-X.Y.Z-R.rhel.noarch.rpm.


Install pre-requisites:

sudo yum install python-configobj
sudo yum install python-cheetah
sudo yum install python-imaging
sudo yum install python-setuptools
sudo easy_install pyserial
sudo easy_install pyusb

Install by double-clicking the .rpm file, or via command line:

sudo rpm -i weewx-X.Y.Z-R.rpm

If you see errors about untrusted signature, or MISSING KEYS, you can either install the weewx GPG keys:

sudo rpm --import http://weewx.com/keys.html

or tell rpm to ignore the signature:

sudo rpm -i --nosignature weewx-X.Y.Z-R.rpm


Look in the system log for messages from weeWX.

sudo tail -f /var/log/messages


After 5 minutes, open the station web page in a web browser. You should see generic station information and data.



The default installation uses Simulator as the station_type. To use real hardware, stop weeWX, change to the actual station type and station parameters, delete the simulation data, then restart weeWX:

sudo /etc/init.d/weewx stop
sudo wee_config --reconfigure
sudo rm /var/lib/weewx/weewx.sdb
sudo /etc/init.d/weewx start


To start/stop weeWX:

sudo /etc/init.d/weewx start
sudo /etc/init.d/weewx stop


To enable uploads such as Weather Underground or to customize reports, modify the configuration file /etc/weewx/weewx.conf. See the User Guide and Customization Guide for details.

WeeWX must be restarted for configuration file changes to take effect.


To uninstall weeWX, removing configuration files but retaining data:

sudo rpm -e weewx

To remove data:

sudo rm -r /var/lib/weewx
sudo rm -r /var/www/html/weewx


The installation will result in the following layout:

executable: /usr/bin/weewxd
configuration file: /etc/weewx/weewx.conf
skins and templates: /etc/weewx/skins
sqlite databases: /var/lib/weewx/
generated web pages and images: /var/www/html/weewx/
documentation: /usr/share/doc/weewx-x.y.z/
examples: /usr/share/doc/weewx/examples/
utilities: /usr/bin/wee_*